Networking & Finding Jobs

These classes will help you learn how to network with other business professionals, tap into your personal contacts and find the right jobs for you.


Professional Docs & Branding

These classes will help you learn how to create an outstanding resume, cover letter and digital footprint to compete in today’s job market. We recommend serious job seekers tailor their resumes and cover letters to the industry, the company and the job.


Prep, Research & The Interview

These classes will help you learn how to study the company’s culture, vision, and your potential role in the company. You’ll learn how to respond to behavior-based questions using the SAR Statement technique and take your interviewing skills from average to incredible.


Securing the Job & Negotiations

These classes will help you learn how to nail the interview. You will learn several techniques to secure your spot and negotiate the best offer possible. You can also see how using a dynamic thank you note will add value, help you stand out among applicants, and minimize reservations an employer may have about hiring you.


Connections Conference

Slide deck from the Job Phase breakout session

Good Luck

You’re now ready to kickstart your career. Work hard, use what you’ve learned throughout all these classes, and go lock down your dream job.

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